Creative Sampler 2018

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Logo Design
L to R: Harrisonburg/Rockingham Sewer Authority, Anthem Athletic Association soccer league, The Wolfden specialty grocery, editorial and design consultants, SoLace Studios Handcrafts and Gifts specialty coffee labels
L to R: Cross House Garden Inn hospitality, Dreamcast line of bed and bath merchandise, Plow & Hearth logo redesign,Grimm Pine Drive Farm truck sign
L to R: Adames Graphics, video design and production, Free90, video production, Ethnicity Designs, handcrafts and textiles, Jarekus Singleton, musician's specialty advertising
Art Direction
Plow & Hearth catalog covers                                                                          Plow & Hearth Home catalog covers
Plow and Hearth Best of Summer interior spreads
Problem Solvers catalog covers
Problems Sovers catalog interior spreads
Photography/Photo Styling
Styling and propping for Plow & Hearth cover (see above)
Product photography and styling, SoLace Studios Handcrafts & Gifts.
Product photography and styling, SoLace Studios Handcrafts & Gifts.
Wholesale catalog, SoLace Studios handcrafts & Gifts: cover, interior spreads
Swatch catalog spreads, SoLace Studios Handcrafts & Gifts: cover, back cover, inside spreads
Illustration and Photo-Manipulation
Architectural rendering and color versions for real estate developer, downtown 
Elkton, Virginia
Spot illustration
 4' x 4' acrylic paint on canvas
Photo-manipulation, SoLace Studios "Get the Vote Out" advertising
Small 3" x 3" in-store display labeling, SoLace Studios handcrafts and gifts
Concert poster
Concert ticket  
Rockingham County Baseball League All-Star Weekend flyer and poster
Infographic: graphic production and best practices
High end "spoofed" magazine covers, quality printed for a 70th birthday
Flyer, Anthem Athletic Association
Flyer, Anthem Athletic Association
Knot: A Manual of Scarf Tying Techniques, 4.5" x 6 pocket manual
SoLace Studios Handcrafts and Gifts, newspaper advertisements
8.5" x 11" print ad in Virginia Living, SoLace Studios Handcrafts & Gifts
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